dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

Stil vinyl

I'm taking part in a group expostion called 'Stil vinyl'. Famous Flemish people were asked about their favorite music memory and artists were asked to make a new record cover for it. I was really lucky to get 'Fly me to the moon' by Frank Sinatra. Everybody knows I love the sixties, so this was a match made in heaven.

Other artists are Nix, Lectrr, Simon Spruyt, Steven Dhondt, Bart Schoofs, Sam De Buysscher, Shamisa Debroey, Ilah, Inne Haine, Jeroen Janssen, Delphine Frantzen, Kim Duchateau, Melvin, Maarten De Saeger.

You can visit the exposition from 11 oktober till 30 november at the Bib in Leuven.
More information here:

Leuven stript
Flickr Leuven Stript

See you there!

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