woensdag 2 april 2014

I fucking love Paris in Paris...

Me signing at BD Net in Paris. Great fun!
You can still buy a signed copy right here.

maandag 10 maart 2014

A little 'I fucking love Paris' tour...

I'm doing a little press tour on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th of March.
I'll be signing on Thursday in Brussels and on Friday in Paris.

Thursday I'll be at 'Forbidden zone' from 16:30-18:30, Rue De Tamines 25, 1060 Saint-Gilles.

Friday I'll be at 'BDNet Bastille' from 17:00-19:00, 26 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris.

I'm looking forward to meet you and sign/draw your copies of 'I fucking love Paris'!

And here are some reviews:


Samba BD

Ligne Claire 


BD Trésor 

Le mouv 

Men's up 

Easy rider

And interviews:

Samba BD 

Génération BD  

maandag 3 maart 2014

I fucking love Paris

On march 12th the French translation of 'Paris' will be released in France (excited!) and will be titled 'I fucking love Paris' ('Paris' is a much too ordinary title for France). With a new title comes a new cover design. I thought it might be fun to show you the different steps of how that went.

I got an email from the art director of Casterman asking me for a new cover design with a 'trick', a hidden message. Something sexual, please. So I was finally going to do my version of a sleazy sexploitation movie poster (Showgirls! Emmanuelle! The stud!).

First I made some rough sketches (and I'm only showing you the PG ones):

They really liked the one on the left and asked me to refine it:


Switch it and make the breasts more round like a ball, please.
Now. Stars or nipples?
That's the question:

Stars are too American.
Vive la France!
Add lettering et voilà:

Hope you like it?

maandag 24 februari 2014

Work romances...

I made some illustrations for a book called 'Van in team naar intiem' by Stefaan Lievens.
It's about office affairs and you can order it here.

maandag 17 februari 2014

Working on another project...

It's been very quiet here.
It's because I've been working on another project.
Can't say too much about it, but the picture will give you a hint.
More news soon...

dinsdag 17 december 2013

Birth card 'Mathis'

This is the birth card I made for my new little nephew Mathis.
In real life he's even more adorable!